Travertine Floor


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Travertine is a natural stone and is popular in floors, countertops, wall tiles and construction blocks. It is warm, elegant and durable but does require a degree of extra care to maintain its natural beauty. Travertine is a medium density porous stone with a porous non veined surface that is usually filed and sealed, though it can be left unfilled for a more natural look.

Travertine has a luxurious appearance and comes in a variety of warm options. Due to the use of filler in many travertine floors it is usual to have fill quite a few holes during the restoration. It would be normal in this stone to finish the floor in a matt or semi matt or lower gloss style to suit the stone and implement a suitable cleaning method to maintain it.

Travertine on wall tiles and shower areas needs at least two coats of premium penetrating sealer to seal the stone but retaining its matt look. Sealing the stone also enhances the colors of the stone and reduces a slight chalky look natural to this stone.