Terracotta Floor Cleaning Dublin Terracotta Floor Restoration Dublin

Terracotta means “cooked earth” is a ceramic that is fired using clay mixtures in kilns. The biggest advantage of terracotta is its toughness. The floors can last many years. Terracotta is suitable for both inside and outside use and comes in various shapes and patterns. Its a warm floor very popular in rustic look kitchens.

Because it’s a clay based structure it is relatively soft and can scratch, so it needs some degree of maintenance. It is also quite porous, particularly if the glazed top layer has been removed and its necessary to seal it.

When cleaning a Terracotta floor the first step is to carefully remove any old coatings without taking the glazed layer off. The grout lines must be cleaned, colored and replaced as the grout lines will act as a contrast to the deep tones of the stone. Sealing may involve upto 4 coats of water based top sealer to finish.