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  • Marble Polish


    Marble is beautiful naturally veined calcium based stone available in many types and formats. Initially we deep clean the floor including the grout and prepare it for grinding. Klindex diamond grinding heads gently remove damage from the marble floor to leave it ready for wet polishing. If grinding is not done then a reduced finish will be achieved at the  polishing stage. We offer grinding as standard and at no extra charge. We use a technique called wet polishing which now brings the stone to a high shine finish.



    Floor deep cleaning is the first stage in restoring any floor. Old seals must be removed, grout must be cleaned and in general the floor must be ready for the next stage. Depending on the floor type, this could be grinding, polishing or sealing. We use the very best equipment to ensure the best possible cleaning result.

  • Floor Cleaning

  • Floor polishing



    Floor types such as marble, limestone, travertine may require to be diamond grinded prior to polishing.This technique will help to reduce wear patterns , scratches and spillage marks in the soft calcium based stone prior to wet polishing.


    Wet polishing provides a technique to give a high durable and long lasting shine.After wet polishing the floor is further protected with a marble protection seal.


    Many floors will require some type of floor repair during the restoration.This could be filling of naturally occurring voids in the stone,repairing of cracks,which often occur at doors, Grout may also need to be repaired or completely redone.We can also recolour grout to match the colour of the tile.

    Floordoctor can also replace tiles which are badly damaged  as well as tile both floors and walls in natural stone.

  • Floor Repairing

  • Tile Repair


    Hole and crack repair. Over the time a natural stone will need some repairs. Typically these would involve filling voids, small holes and cracks. We use a special resin filler which is heated and melted into the holes, curing and filling the hole before being trimmed off to a neat finish. The resin comes in a variety of color options to best suit the floor pattern.



    Sometimes due to bad cracking or something dropping on the tile or tile lippage it may be best to take up the tile and replace it with a new one to fit. We offer this service through our partner tiling company who can also offer a full range of bespoke tiling options


    Grout cleaning is an important element of any floor restoration. The grout must be cleaned and repaired if necessary by a variety of techniques. the success of cleaning depends on the grout used originally, with best results on the softer type grout. In the event that the grout does not respond to cleaning we offer some alternatives.



    It is possible on the wider grout joints on non polished floors to apply a grout protective matt seal which will keep the grout much cleaner.



    We can also re-colour grout using a special epoxy colour coded paints, this offers and effective and cheap solution.


    The grout can be removed and a new more suitable grout filled back.

  • Grout cleaning