Marble Floors


Floor Doctor are Marble floor cleaning experts who strive for perfection. Marble is a beautiful naturally veined calcium based stone available in many types and formats. Because of its rich texture and warmth it is often used in larger kitchens and communal areas, Marble is porous, soft, as for example when compared with granite and reacts with acidic cleaning agents or spillage’s in a kitchen. Because of this the marble will require both sealing and periodic polishing and resealing. The basic steps to restore a marble floor are:



The floors tiles are deep cleaned, especially the grout joints. Old seals, if present are removed and holes and cracks which may have developed are filled with a coloured resin. Care & time are put into all of our Marble floor cleaning projects.



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The floor over time will become marked, scraped or just dull and its necessary to remove this wear and tear by means of diamond grinding heads. If this is not done on a polished tile then the result will be poor. We offer as standard grinding at 800 grit which gives a really good results at the polished stage.



Once the floor is cleaned and diamond grinded, it can then be polished. We use a technique called wet polishing which then brings the stone to a high shine finish. We guarantee excellent results every time!



The floor is now sealed using a premium sealer and finished as appropriate to the stone type and finish as agreed with the customer.



For polished Marble we offer a low cost marble buffing and resealing service to keep your floor looking great. Our fully qualified & highly skilled team of experts can provide you with the aftercare you need.